sculptural works

These are some of the sculptural works I have created and exhibited over the past fifteen years. Lately, I have been experimenting with adding new mediums in my sculptural works such as semi precious stones, gold leaf, brass and silver.



Over the years, I have created varied tableware ranges for Husk, Country Road and Mark Tuckey, the most popular being my matte white earthenware range. The last piece is a water vessel that was commissioned for a temple in Melbourne.



Incorporating other mediums in my sculptural work represents an evolutionary step in my creative process, which led me to discover the joy and intricacy of working exclusively with metals. This video represents my first steps in jewelry designs.



I keep a sketch pad next to my phone. During conversations, I inevitably pick up the pencil and start to draw. Most times my hand is moving randomly across the paper bypassing my conscious mind; in this way the drawing takes its form. As I hang up, I’m sometimes happily surprised…

Some of these drawings became the foundation for my ceramic panels.

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